Does the law require severance pay at the rate of at least two weeks of wages for every year of service?

  • Greater than equal to 15 days
  • 14 days
  • Less than 14 days
  • flat rate severance pay
  • Higher qualifying period
  • To be determined under emp. Contract/CBA
  • No provision
  • No Data

This map reflects policies as of 1 January 2022 in 135 countries covered by the Index. The maps are based on the Labour Rights Index 2022, produced by the WageIndicator Foundation and the Centre for Labour Research (WageIndicator Labour Law office).

More Information

  • 33 countries have no provision related to severance pay. 
  • 1 country allows the employment contract to establish severance pay.
  • 4 countries have a qualifying period greater than one year of service. 
  • 7 countries set a flat rate severance pay. 
  • 24 countries set severance proportional to less than 2 weeks per year of service. 
  • 3 countries set severance pay proportional to 2 weeks per year of service. 
  • 63 countries require severance pay proportional to or higher than 15 days wages per year of service.