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Our pioneering work, assessing labour rights across 113 countries on 47 dimensions.
It is the first de jure index comparing statutory provisions on 10 substantive elements of ‘decent work agenda’. This covers the life span of a standard worker and the whole palette of workplace rights.

Covid19 & Labour Market

Our assessment of how Covid19 pandemic has impacted the labour market in Pakistan.
Pakistan has a labour force of 63.4 million, of which more than 30 million workers are negatively impacted by the lock-downs. This translates into 84% of the non-agricultural labour force. By our estimates, jobs of around 21 million workers in the country have been disrupted by the Covid19 induced lockdowns and the ensuing collapse in economic activity.

Violation Maps 

Our Violation Maps showcase user submitted & publicly reported data on various workplaces rights violations across Pakistan. Issues like Occupational Accidents, Child Labour, Sexual Harassment, Working Conditions and Trade Union Rights are covered.

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CLR reports on the state of labour rights in the country

“While no proof exists, anecdotal evidence suggests that GSP+ has been an important incentive for all actors to further promote compliance with ILO standards.” This was a key statement in the EU’s 2016 assessment of implementation of core labour standards in Pakistan after grant of GSP+ status. Pakistan was granted GSP+ status by the European Union in December 2013, thus applicable from January 2014 onward. It has been five years, nearly half a decade, and it is imperative to assess the implementation of core labour standards in the country through empirical evidence instead of merely using qualitative opinions and anecdotal evidence.

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